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This just in – news strikes again!

AnswerPoint’s Year in Review: 2021

As we approach the holiday season, it’s always a good time to reminisce about the good times, the successes, and the challenges of the previous

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Is Data the New Oil?

For several years, there’s been an ongoing debate among economic types as to whether “data is the new oil”. With both oil and data, the

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Why is a Database Like a Dog?

-by Ed Weisberg “There is no beauty like a finely trained database” -unknown. Lately, we have been having a debate in my family as to whether our

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Welcome 2021! Building on Lessons Learned in 2020.

By Ed Weisberg It’s no surprise that COVID-19 and 2020 created new challenges and opportunities for corporate data systems.   As workers

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There’s Gold Hidden In That Data!

Leveraging data to optimize both your operations and marketing is not a new concept in the least.  Since the invention of data processing,

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What Exactly is Data Anyway?

By Ed Weisberg At AnswerPoint, we always talk about data.   We live, breath, and sleep data!  Data optimization, data-cleanup,

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