December 21, 2021   adminEd Weisberg

AnswerPoint’s Year in Review: 2021

As we approach the holiday season, it’s always a good time to reminisce about the good times, the successes, and the challenges of the previous year. 2021 was a fascinating year for the AnswerPoint team. The best news is that we managed to steer free of the COVID-19 bullet, and all remained healthy and productive. The other good news is that we successfully pivoted our approach to the market and expanded and improved the ways that we offer our skills.

Previously, AnswerPoint was a somewhat nerdy (if we do say so ourselves) Database and technology company with our heads buried in our work. We tended to support recurring clients who frequently looked to us for system enhancements. With a solid base of clients who loved us (and whom we loved back), we didn’t focus on promoting our company widely, and thus our website became tired, and somewhat out of sync with our expanding capabilities. It was time to make an active change!

Earlier this year, we decided to take a major leap in our messaging, better define our capabilities, and add staff to support our customers’ expanding needs.

Under the umbrella of “Database Modernization and AI/Data-Driven Business Process Enhancement”, we classified our services into several categories, making them more understandable:

  1. Business Process Improvement:
    1. Data Migration
    1. Business Process Review and Documentation
    1. Data Science, Analysis, and Business Planning
    1. Ai and Machine Learning
    1. Customer Data Platform Implementation
  2. Data Services
    1. Custom Database development
    1. Cloud Migration
    1. Outsourced DBA Services
    1. Database Assessment and Tuning
    1. Database Infrastructure
    1. Data Security
    1. Data Warehouse Management

These classifications improved our ability to service our customers, enabling us to leverage our experience to provide increased value at a reasonable cost. Our success is shown not only by our expanding customer base, but more importantly from customer praise which makes us proud of our relationships.

With our new branding, our goal was also to help you to understand why we enjoy, and therefore excel, at what we do. We want to be your Superheroes! Our new website design and content are very exciting, and we hope, engaging. We love what we do and think it’s fun!

Expanding on that new and exciting look, since many of us enjoyed comic books in our youth, beginning in January we will share the lighter side of our work with the launch of our AnswerPoint DataMan comics. Just like our team members, Dataman sheds his “nerdiness” as he creatively solves customer challenges. Over the next months, you will see Dataman work his magic, solving database and business problems, and saving the day, time after time. Stay tuned! We hope you will gain some tips from his solutions and join us on this journey!

Thank you all for your business, your potential business, and we wish you a successful and healthy 2022.


The AnswerPoint Team, and DataMan


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