Case Studies

Microsoft Corporation: Critical Customer Database Support

Answerpoint maintains a long-term relationship with Microsoft Corporation. Among other roles, we functioned as a high-level support organization, as part of the SMC (Support Mission Critical) team. As part of this trusted team, AnswerPoint provided Microsoft’s highest paying and most critical customers with technology-specific engineers to provide SLA-based resolution related to their core technologies.

Honeywell Corporation/Resideo: Fault Tolerant Processing of 11 Million IOT Transactional Records Per Day

Honeywell corporation is one of the foundations of technology innovation in the world. However, when they launched the Resideo “supported home” automation product line, they were overwhelmed with the challenge of implementing IOT technology in new ways. AnswerPoint was asked to help manage the data associated with Resideo’s IOT-based Home Comfort Products to ensure that the products communicated with each other, and that users had full control of their smart homes. At its core, Answerpoint implemented backup/restore, security management, and functional processes. In addition, AnswerPoint was responsible for the proper ingestion of data for the IOT-field domain set. This required efficient and fault-tolerant real-time ingestion of more than 11 million native records per day. Our data management software was crucial to the successful launch and use of the Resideo suite of products.

Key Bank: Secure Merger and Integration of 147 Banking Databases

As with many banks, Key Bank was challenged with the merger of various legacy systems, which they had inherited though acquisition of several regional banks. Not only did this present an operational issue, but it also created security concerns as bridges between these systems were pieced together. Finally, these various systems and interfaces created challenges for customers, who are increasing conducting their banking transactions online. Key Bank asked AnswerPoint to coalesce an overwhelming 147 databases into a single-environment database, and to migrate all job and code logic to a common and secure set of coding. Answerpoint’s engineers embraced this challenge, and brought Key Bank’s databases under a common secure umbrella, delivering the results ahead of schedule and under-budget.

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